Friday, September 8, 2017

Don't You Dare Stray from Orthodoxy!

I don't have a link to it, because it wasn't important enough, but I was reading a piece on Wednesday about the TV host Steve Harvey.  Apparently, after the presidential election, Harvey was invited to meet with President Trump in regard to some particular effort that Harvey was interested in, something to make some poor people's lives better.  Maybe housing.  Doesn't matter.

So apparently the meeting went well, and the president expressed his sincere desire to work on it, and engaged Ben Carson (now the HUD secretary) to follow up.  I'm probably flubbing the details, but they don't really make that much difference actually.  At the time, Harvey related that they had had a good meeting and thought that there would be some progress on whatever the issue was.

So ... apparently there was a gargantuan outcry since, to the point that Harvey was quoted as having told his wife that he "really regretted taking the meeting."

Did he regret it because nothing was going to come of it?   Well, no.  Because he thought that the president had not been listening to him?  Well, no, not there either, because at the time, fresh in his mind, Harvey said it been productive and beneficial.

No, he regretted it because the liberal community, and the professional race industry, were outraged that Harvey, who is of course, black, would have the meeting in the first place, and think that Donald Trump, of all people, was actually interested in the plight of the inner city.

Now, it apparently did not matter that during the campaign, candidate Trump had on multiple occasions made a point of saying that he was going to try to address the plight of the inner city that had been caused -- and exacerbated -- by decades and decades of Democrats ruling them.  Rahm Emanuel is the mayor of Chicago, and at the same time he is doing everything he can to bring illegal aliens to Chicago and giving them all manner of inducements, he has done not one thing to address the incredible murder rate in his own city.

Of course, Trump's opponent, Hillary Clinton, did not ever propose anything to help the issues in the inner city, in Chicago or anywhere else.  Note: she lost.

But no, is the left picketing Emanuel, or rioting there to protest those murders?  Um, no.  But God forbid that Steve Harvey actually meet with the president to talk about those issues, when the president is actually Donald Trump.

Don't fight the leftist orthodoxy.  Don't reach across the aisle to try to get something done.  Compromise is a four-letter word in the eye of the left.  You may not even talk to this president to try to get something done.

The intolerance of the left knows no bounds, apparently.  But I will tell you that Steve Harvey was right to have met with Donald Trump, and would have been wise to take that leverage and try to make some progress in his chosen area.  That would have actually accomplished something, far more than the rest of the left has done in 100 years.

Hey, I just observe.

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