Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

It is 2018, an Olympic year (so I get to watch lots of curling, my favorite Olympic winter sport), an election year (lots of senators and all the congressmen are up for election), and a still-have-to-work year (as I didn't win the lottery).

We all survived 2017, at least my best girl and I did, and all of you did if you're reading this.  It was a fun year, a year of "yoooge" events, of fake news and the Astros' first World Series win -- and our new, severely downsized house.  The Patriots are the NFL champions for at least a few more weeks, although fewer people are watching the NFL these days.

Basketball -- well, I'm not sure anyone watches basketball anymore and, despite ESPN trying to globalize us, no one is watching soccer over here either.  I'll root for Phil Mickelson to win a major in golf; although he's getting a bit old to be contending he still contends, and I would not put money on his not being around for at least one close Sunday finish.  And I'll pull for the Washington Capitals to do something in the playoffs that remotely reflects how good a team they actually are and have been.  Something.

I grew up when today would be the last day of the college football season, with the Orange, Sugar, Cotton and Rose Bowls played, after which the arguments would begin as to which team was actually the best.  Now we have a playoff system, which still doesn't seem to have resolved the arguments.  I don't know if that's a good thing.

I will work, unless that lottery thing actually happens.  And I'll stay on this column, because sometime before the beginning of next year, I will publish the 1,000th piece on this site.  That may be as far as it goes, but I think I'd like to believe there will be lots to write about through then.

Happy New Year to all, and for the first time, we unveil a new copyright notice (and believe me, I thought of using MMXVIII):

Copyright 2018 by Robert Sutton
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  1. Looking forward to future articles and happy New Year!

  2. George here...

    Ahhhh yes curling! Right up there with Olympic caliber paint drying...

    I love the skiing, but the figure skating has become fingernails on blackboard for me.

    Please keep writing until at least your 3000th.

    Happy New Year.