Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Data The Administration Doesn't Want, Apparently

Last week, I wrote about the Administration, in the person of Eric Holder's "Justice" Department, turning on the wolverines in the IRS to seize money from citizens for no other reason than they had withdrawn $5,000 in cash from their account.  The banks were being pressured to report such transactions and the IRS or FBI could then seize the money without even a charge being filed.

So they're pounding on the banks to rat out their customers.  They want that data, for sure.  They're spying on citizens, as we know from leaked information and scandalous relationships with the large consumer retailers and service providers.  They want that data, too.  Seems like they want just about all the data they can get on just about anybody you name.

With one little exception.

If you crossed the border into the USA illegally, well, it doesn't appear that they're very interested in that kind of data, not height and weight, or name, or country of origin.  Or batting average.  They're not interested in party affiliation, either.  In the same way that the Administration and the Democrats take for granted that black voters will check the old Democrat box (even though nobody has shafted black America collectively worse than Democrats), they take it for granted that immigrants here illegally will find a way to vote -- and vote for them, not the people who could actually help them find work.

To make sure that happens, they're conspiring to find ways to give aid, education, preferences, drivers licenses and cash from the Federal treasury and from every state that can be coerced to do so, to people whose names they don't want to know.  "Come on over the border", they say, "and bring your kids -- absolutely your kids too.  That will make it harder to deport your illegal backsides."

Just don't tell us your name.

The folk in the White House want to know when legal citizens take many out of the bank, or log into their Amazon accounts, or use Google or Yahoo, or eat a steak.  They want to know when you leave your house, and what restaurant you eat at, and whether you write a blog that may be occasionally critical of your policies.  I'm looking both ways as I type this.

But if you're here illegally, well, may God, or whatever pantheistic deity you may choose to worship in your own way which we will protect with our FBI unless of course you are Christian, bless you.

Give us your tired, your poor.  May they vote Republican and render the last laugh on the president.

Copyright 2015 by Robert Sutton
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