Wednesday, April 22, 2015

He, He, He ... Hegemony

It hasn't gotten a lot of ink in the USA, but last week there was an interesting incident on a refugee boat from Libya in north Africa.  Apparently members of the majority Muslim population of the boat got into an argument with the handful of Christians from Ghana and elsewhere, and ended up throwing 12 of them overboard to their deaths.

Of course, a number of the Muslims responsible were arrested when the boat was intercepted by the Italian Navy and the passengers put on a Panamanian vessel that ultimately reached Palermo.  And, of course, it can be assumed that the rest of the Muslims are now happily in Italy setting up their enclaves, same as they have done in France and England and, for that matter, in the USA -- just check out the Somali population in Minneapolis.

Those enclaves are being run as close to being under sharia law as they can get away with, having taken over towns and communities and voted in their own leadership.  No one seems to be willing to protest very loudly, lest they be called bigots (see what the unintended consequence of elevating bigotry to the level of murder and rape is?), and the press is completely silent about it -- even when it involves the rape of young girls.  Apparently racism is even worse than rape

Interestingly, the Russians and Chinese are pretty silent as well, and that seems a little hypocritical.  The USA has invaded other countries in the past ... Iraq, Afghanistan, France, Germany and Italy in and out of wartime, for example.  In particular, our forays into places like Grenada, Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan drew predictable cries from the Russians and Chinese.

"Hegemony", they hollered.  The Americans were trying to take over and annex these countries and dominate them for the long term from within as American puppets.  Of course, the USA left France right after the war, the Germans run their own country (although, in fairness, we still have military bases there by agreement with them).  Nobody is running Iraq except maybe ISIS and Iran, we're certainly not governing Afghanistan, if anyone ever could, and the Kuwaitis are on their own.

We, certainly, are not spreading America as a conquering empire.  We haven't, certainly, and with a president who isn't a fan of his own country, we sure are not doing so.  But we're the hegemonists and the Russians and Chinese scream and holler, even as the Chinese are building islands in international waters and the Russians are biting off huge chunks of Ukraine, a sovereign nation, while we watch limply.

So, then, what do we call the Muslims who are creeping into country after country, sometimes by force but mostly just by moving and creating the mini-worlds they want wherever they go?  Yes, those folks who use their own law and cry "racism" when anyone protests -- what do you call them?

Well, we can call them "successful" because, well, they are.  Religious zealots that they are, they can wait us out even it it takes 500 years.  So they can practice their hegemony town by town, country by country, until our infernal fear of being called racists drives us to concede and let them have the earth as their caliphate.

But mostly, they are practicing the exact hegemony that the Russians and Chinese are, but who accuse the USA of doing.  And if it is bad when we do it, benign folks that we are, it is bloody evil when fanatic Islamists do it for real.

Can't wait, though, till they start trying that sharia stuff in Putin's Russia.  I'll buy a ticket to watch that.

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