Thursday, September 6, 2018

Really, Is THIS How Democrats Want to Be Known?

I have had the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on for a couple days, the hearings for the conformation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.  I hope you have been watching, too, or maybe not.

If you have been on an island, or remove all exposure to the news, Judge Kavanaugh was nominated by President Trump to fill the spot of the now-retired Justice Anthony Kennedy.  This is a "big deal", of course, because Kennedy was what they liked to call a "swing vote" -- not reliably conservative or liberal, even though he was an appointee of a Republican president.

That is a crock, of course.  Every vote on the Court is a swing vote, and Kavanaugh should actually say that any time there is a reference to Justice Kennedy.  That is not a "role" on the Court; it is the outcome of the consequences of presidential elections.

Kavanaugh is a conservative judge, and would make a conservative justice.  That is, of course, a good thing, in that it would entail a solid conservative majority on the Court and a defense of the Constitution from, well, the other four of them, who vote in lockstep leftist mode, although no one seems willing to point that out.

The Democrats opposing Kavanaugh will lose that battle, of course.  The Republicans have a majority of the Senate, and beyond that there are at least a half-dozen Democrat senators up for reelection in two months, who are in states won in 2016 by President Trump.  If they don't vote to confirm Kavanaugh, it is extremely likely it could kill some of their chances at reelection, swinging the Senate even more Republican.

But apparently it is not enough for the Democrats to lose the confirmation battle.  They seem to want to look as bad as they possibly can in the process.  Why else would they have paid protestors to come inside the committee chambers and scream slogans and epithets at the top of their lungs until the officers in charge -- and they need a few dozen more of them -- drag the morons out of the chambers and haul them off to jail, we hope.  They get texts -- we can see it -- saying "OK, you're next to stand up and make a jerk of yourself."  Or something like that.

I do not understand the thinking.  They seem to feel that creating chaos in a civilized environment is how they are supposed to win the argument about Judge Kavanaugh's qualifications to be a SCOTUS justice.  They think that people out in the voting world will see them in a more favorable light by screaming and chanting and trying to disrupt the proceedings.

I realize that this is a major battle for the Democrats, because of the power -- and the lifetime tenure -- of the Court and its justices.  But elections, as good old Barack Obama said, do have consequences.  One of the things that candidate Trump said, often, is that an issue of the election was going to be who appointed justices -- maybe as many as 3-4 over his tenure -- and did we really want Hillary Clinton doing that?

It is not said enough, but when the last couple justices were nominated by that same Obama (prior to the ill-fated Merrick Garland), there was never an issue in the voting.  Plenty of Republicans accepted the fact that a president had a right to nominate qualified candidates of his own political leanings and judicial philosophy, and they voted for leftists like Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, who actually got away with her stupid "wise Latina" comment (I truly wish that Kavanaugh would have included, in his opening remarks, an opinion that a "wise Irishman" would make a great Justice).

Republicans are not the type to act like spoiled children in venues like Supreme Court hearings at a Senate committee.  It surely is not becoming for Democrats to do that, and it starkly points out their lack of regard for the process.

Brett Kavanaugh will become Justice Kavanaugh within a few weeks, but that won't be all we remember.

We will remember that the Democrats, void of ideas and now void of civility, not only tolerated grotesque incivility, but actually paid people to exhibit it.  No more stark example of their dearth of ideas can there be.  No more stark example of their disqualification to lead the nation is there, than the fact that not one Committee Democrat stood up to condemn the behavior of the protestors.

Not one of them gets it.  Red wave is a-comin'.

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  1. Booker released papers that may get him thrown out of the Senate. It didn't matter who Trump nominated the dems were going to resist and trash(pick a name). It is childish and should be treated as such. It could also cost Booker being nominated by the dems for president...we can only hope.

    1. Of course, as it came out, not only was Booker a blustering paper tiger -- those docs had already been released the night before -- but the docs showed that Kavanaugh had argued for race neutrality! So the docs would help him rather than hurt him.

  2. Nobody ever said congress people were smart, just the opposite.