Monday, August 31, 2015

Extrapolating to Murder? Makes No Sense

Shannon Miles, the piece of human waste arrested this week for murdering Harris County (TX) sheriff's deputy Darren Goforth, will presumably be convicted of first degree (capital) murder, rot in a cell until his appeals are exhausted, and then be executed years later than he should have been.  Death penalty opponents will picket outside the building where he will be executed, pleading for him to be able to live longer, while Deputy Goforth's widow and children have to go on without the husband and father they loved.

That part is easy to predict and simple to understand.

Here's the part I cannot possibly understand.  Clearly the deputy was murdered because he was a badged police officer and no other reason.  Clearly it is an extrapolation of the "Black Lives Matter" movement by a moron who put two and two together and got seven.  Clearly allowing people in that movement to march, as they did in Minnesota, chanting "Fry like bacon, pigs in a blanket", without a peep out of the mouth of Barack Obama, encourages this type of action.

Now, I cannot get inside the head of someone so devoid of decency as to commit murder.  That's the starting point.  What I really can't understand is this -- Goforth had not committed any of the acts of violence against black suspects, real, imagined or just (q.v. Ferguson) made up, for which the "Black Lives Matter" people are protesting.

That means that Miles was -- get this -- willing to murder an otherwise completely innocent sheriff's deputy, and take him forever from his wife and children, because he had the same profession as the people whom the "movement" is protesting!  And that's the part I certainly cannot understand.

If I had had a bad experience with a teacher, say, or an IRS agent (far more believable), or a farmer, and then subsequently met up with a different teacher or IRS agent or farmer in another state, what possibly would encourage me even to take up my dispute with their counterpart, let alone, you know, murder them?  Do you follow my thinking there?

Well, I think this is actually a relevant question to ask.  Because in my view, this is a logical outcome of the left's determination to have a small, elite ruling class and everyone else is the same.  Individuality is to be completely discouraged because we are all blissfully equal.  No one is smarter than anyone else (hence, grades need to go away); no one is better-looking than anyone else (q.v. Rumer Willis trying to make a big deal on Dancing with the Stars about being called ugly); no one can make more than anyone else (thank you, Bernie Sanders and the "income inequality" crowd).

That type of leftist thinking fosters the idea that we are not who we are as individuals, but what group we belong to.  God forbid that we be forced to live with the consequences of our actions, and God forbid we be seen for our own talents, intellect, drive and ability.  Nope; we are white people, or gays, or Peruvians ... or police officers, and all members of the group are the same, never an individual.

I simply do not think it is all that stretchy an extension for a Shannon Miles to see all white police officers not as the individuals they are, with actual lives, and actual wives and actual children who actually love them, and see them instead as faceless members of their group or profession.  I firmly believe this is one of the unintended consequences of the extreme leftist mindset, and it finally occurred to me as I tried to imagine how someone could be that callous.

Once again, the left kills without even thinking, and it will be they who ultimately ignore this heinous murder, as it is inconsistent with their narrative.

But gradually we see right through them.  Just not soon enough for Darren Goforth.

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