Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Oh, Thank You, Senator Schumer!

In the early days of the Trump Administration, as the new president is blitzing through starts on every major promise or commitment he made during the campaign, we might ask where the Democrats are in all this.

Well, we know where they are; the left is out paying rioters to march and loot and burn Muslim-owned limousines while they complain about things that haven't happened, create fake news, and their cohorts in the national media blabber on in support of them.

And President Trump keeps on working.

But while the president's pounding away at the problems of the USA, the Democrats have suddenly lost their voice.  Really.  I know that you may think they "found" their voice because they're on every media outlet whining and snowflaking and all, but they actually have lost it.

They must have lost it, because right now the voice of the Democrats in the USA is that brilliant legislator of the wonderful accent and the glasses down his nose, the incomparable Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY).  And we could not be more thankful that it is he.

You see, if the Democrat Party has slid so far down the slope of stupidity that Chuck Schumer is the one with his face on all the cable news talk shows, then you know they have lost, to quote our president, "big-time."

You remember the famous Hitler principle, the one that goes "Whoever brings up Hitler or Nazi Germany first loses the argument"?  Well, the corollary is "If you have Chuck Schumer making your argument for you, you have lost and will continue to lose."  Which is ironic, given that the leftists took about 46 seconds after inauguration to bring up Hitler, meaning that they started their whole argument from a conceded loss.

A couple days ago, the good Sen. Schumer was trying to make a public statement about the temporary suspension of travel from some Middle Eastern and north African countries which had been identified on a list from the Obama Administration as having sponsored terrorism.

Of course, he neglected to review his own party's traditional stance on illegal immigration, as voiced here by the very Democrat president, Bill Clinton, in a State of the Union address (and you really have to watch this clip).  Or Barack Obama turning back a whole set of Cuban refugees two days before leaving office (missed that, eh?).  Else, of course, Schumer would have hesitated a bit.  But the left has no sense of history, much as the truth is an equally elusive concept.

At any rate, Schumer broke down in mid-speech, taking a cue from the Broadway types that he represents as a New York senator.  His tears were quite remarkable, but they were so clearly fake that one had to wonder what had possessed him to think the nation would actually believe him, as he "cried" for refugees who would have to wait 90 days and go through actual reviews to ensure they weren't the terrorists that ISIS pledged to mix in with the actual refugees.

Of course, that itself is a really good reason not to bring any of them here to a foreign country, a foreign culture and a foreign language when they could be resettled cheaper in the Middle East.

But I digress.

Schumer's "tears" were the ideal example of why Republicans love him so much.  Barack Obama is gone; Hillary Clinton is gone.  Elizabeth Warren is a victim of excessive hubris and no one believes her even in her own party.  So Chuck Schumer is now the voice of the Democrats.

Chuck is on air 24/7, or maybe 42/7 (no joke; he is on the air as I'm writing this!).  The man, of whom it was said for a decade that he never met a camera he didn't like, and if you value your life, don't get between him and a camera, now has unfettered access to every camera imaginable.

And Republicans could not be happier.  Ironically, while Democrats act like Donald Trump is a lightning rod for all kinds of things and attack him personally (and his wife and youngest son), the people who voted for him could not be happier to have Trump not only doing the things he was voted for to do, but being the one doing it -- let's face it, his personality was part of his persona as a candidate.

Schumer?  Not so much.  What Democrat could be happy to have Chuck Schumer up there faking tears about immigrants, when he knows full well what the facts are?  Of course they're not thrilled; they certainly wishing someone could come along and actually be, you know, an attractive representative of their views.

Not going to happen.  The Democrats' views have gone so far over rationality that they're unable to attract candidates and representatives worth anything.  So as long as they are having to have Schumer, and Elizabeth Warren, and Madonna as the people speaking on their behalf, they have lost, as surely as if they had kept Hitler in the argument.

Which, morons and ideologues that they are, they already did.

Copyright 2017 by Robert Sutton
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