Thursday, May 25, 2017

Praying for Manchester

There is not a great deal one can say when an individual, motivated by a religion-based ideology, feels that the proper thing to do is to explode himself at a concert attended primarily by teenage girls, killing and injuring as many of these innocents as possible.

We can only say it in prayer.

Dear Lord, 

We who believe in service and kindness to our fellow man all pray to you today.  We pray for the innocent victims of the bombing this week in England.  We play for eternal peace for those who were prematurely sent to be with You before being able to live their lives here on earth.  We pray for the strength to forgive the person so hollow that he would allow such a murderous ideology to take over his soul.

We pray for those who still follow that ideology, that Your love will reach their hearts before a single follower can carry out another such attack, and if one should not be moved by Your peace, that he may not be successful in his undertaking.

We pray for those defending our nation against such barbarism.  Grant them the strength to destroy forever the perversion of faith that leads people to commit such acts.

And we pray for all those affected by these awful and horrific acts, that they may themselves be moved to take up the struggle against terrorism and support those who are leading that effort; that we not sit back, but take up arms in all forms to set this ideology in the scrap heap of history, lest another soul be lost.


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