Wednesday, May 9, 2018

We Won't Miss the Iran Deal

Yesterday, as you know, President Trump announced that the USA was pulling out of the insane agreement with Iran, the one that Barack Obama and John Kerry and other players from the West made.  As you recall, or should, although that was a treaty, it was never brought to Congress for its approval, and it could be argued before the Supreme Court that it wasn't valid in the first place.

For the record, there are still 90 days left for there to be a negotiated change to the agreement, before the sanctions that had been imposed previously but were lifted under it, would go into place again.  This would certainly have an effect on the Iranian economy, so this is all getting their attention in a big way.

One could assume that the other Western nations, by holding on to the agreement and not reimposing sanctions on their end, would force Iran not to do the advancement of their nuclear weapons program that we all assume (and the Israelis showed) they are advancing regardless.  That really would be their issue at that point, and they can work things out.

For us, however, this was an important act on the part of the president, and it doesn't necessarily have to be about it being Iran, or about the billions in crisp cash that was spirited off in the middle of the night and given to the Iranians to fund more Hezbollah terrorists.

This was important because it was an act of decisiveness and an act of courage, because it was a withdrawing from an agreement that was done not in accordance with the Constitution or Federal law.  The Iran deal was the kind of swampy thing that parasites like Obama and Kerry do and lapdogs like those in Congress at the time just let happen without a peep.

We had practically given up, despairing that a president would actually do the right thing, do decisive and courageous things in defense of the country.

Now, the leftist media will all come up with some kind of spin that ultimately will fail the test of "Was it ever right for a president to make an agreement with a foreign nation without the approval of Congress, let alone one that funds the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, and which grants them the unfettered right to build nuclear weapons in a few years?"

Would CNN say it was right to have made the deal?  Would MSNBC or NPR?  Will any of the network news anchors go on record as saying that the deal stank to high Heaven from the start, and that it was an abuse of power for Obama to have brought our country into it without the approval from Congress that the Constitution requires?

Yahoo's news feed at about 2:00pm Eastern time yesterday had a big headline about President Trump's pulling the USA out of the deal, with a subhead about how we were damaging our allies.  Twenty minutes later, oddly and without explanation, the pullout of the Iran deal was completely gone from the feed -- not one story showed.

Somehow, I don't think Yahoo decided that agreements funding terror were not a good thing, but something happened more than "what the heck?".  I don't think opinions have a place in news reporting, and I haven't changed my view there.

We need a deal with the Iranians like a third nostril.

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