Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Fascinating Curation of Yahoo Headlines

We have fun, fun, fun when the news service curators don't talk to each other, or at least what happens when liberals don't think anyone is actually watching.

Yesterday morning, the Yahoo news feed that leads their search engine linked to a picture of the old '50s "Twilight Zone" TV show, complete with Rod Serling himself, accompanying a headline about how the globe is warming and it was 89 degrees in northern Norway or somewhere like that, and we were all going to die.

A couple three headlines below, it was what was intended to be a cutesy celebrity story, captioned by this: "Serena Williams' Husband, Alexis Ohanian, Apparently Flew Her to Italy When She Wanted Italian Food."  It was intended to be a positive, uplifting article about a gesture from one limousine lefty to another.

If your mind works in the same direction as mine, you probably got the same reaction.

Yahoo news is curated, of course from a liberal position; we understand that.  For every citation from the right-leaning Fox News and the occasional neutral piece from The Hill, there are many more links to HuffPost, CNN, all the major networks, Salon, Vox, Bloomberg and a wide array of other leftist to far-leftist publications and reporting/commenting entities.

That explains why a global-warming scare piece sat atop the Yahoo news feed, with an equally scary "Twilight Zone" headline and picture.  We get it, they want to stop the USA economy from progressing, even while China and India and others are paying meager lip service to the goals of the moronic Paris climate accord, with no enforcement against their ability to belch out whatever they feel like.

If the Americans do all the work, it will damage our economy and, by extension, capitalism, which is presumably what they want to do in the first place.

Apparently, though, they haven't told their puff-piece people.

I'm not going to go into how stupid it was that the uber-wealthy Alexis Ohanian took his equally uber-wealthy tennis-playing wife on his private jet to Italy "for an Italian dinner"; if they have the money, have fun.  My best girl made us spaghetti alla aglia e olio that very same night, and I can assure you it was as good as whatever pasta they had jetting to Europe.  And no one needed to read about it the next day.

I will, however, get into how stupid it was that some outlet thought that their readers would go all ga-ga about the idea.  Super-rich people presumably do that sort of thing all the time, except now they post pictures online, lest we forget their relevance.

And I will get far more into how stupid it was that Yahoo accompanies a scary, top-level headline about global warming, with a link a few lines down to a piece on spoiled, pampered rich people burning barrels of jet fuel into the presumably already-overheated atmosphere, on their private jet, so they can have dinner in Italy.

Needless to say, the comments on the Italy article (oh, come on, of course you read them, too) blasted the two lovebirds, Yahoo and HuffPost (ah, that's right, it was a HuffPost piece) all to smithereens for thinking that it was appropriate on any level to try to cute up a story that involved polluting the atmosphere with a private jet for a plate of macaroni with garlic bread.

The writer did not address that.  He or she (who really cares) was far too lost in a world of celebrity adoration to have paid attention to what anyone not in New York or Los Angeles would actually care about, and certainly not that the whole episode was an exercise in stupidity.

I wonder if the same publication, that gets all hot and bothered about how often Air Force One gets used for things that they dislike passionately, even concerned themselves with the silliness of this episode, and the silliness and hypocrisy of the actual writing about it.

Fortunately, NY and LA do not represent mainstream thinking.

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